Oral and nasal covering

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Mouth and nose cover with optimal breathing quality and transparent design.

Product Information

– 1 mask per packaging unit
– 2 elasticated straps
– set of instructions

Size of the masks

The mask is available in 2 sizes (see article pictures)

Size S: height: 8.2 cm width: 24.9 cm weight: 9 g

Size L: height: 9.7 cm width: 24.9 cm weight: 12 g

Product details

– Reusable
– Made of transparent plastic and white fiber
– Easy cleaning
– Disinfectable
– Very good breathing quality
– Comfortable to wear
– Only 12 g. light.
– Multiple adjustable
– elastic bands on the ears for hanging


Ideally suited for:
– glasses wearers (as glasses are avoided)

– Hearing
impaired ( apart from the mouth) – For mobile use with Face-ID
– For people who want to show their beautiful face

No medical certification. No exchange because hygiene articles. Use at your own risk. No self protection from corona. Liability in any form excluded.

Since the state regulations of the individual federal states differ significantly with regard to the mask requirements and change frequently, no guarantee can be given for approval in accordance with the respective state regulations.


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